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UBER Analytics Test v6.16, free study material

Discussion in 'For Sale / Wanted / Trades / Promotions / Deals' started by Oneirovates, Jan 31, 2017.

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  1. Oneirovates

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    Jan 31, 2017
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    Uber’s interview process has gotten harder. Uber launched version 6.16 of its Uber Analytics Test.
    No one can expect to pass the test without studying and researching about Uber A LOT.

    I learned about it, while developing a complete training system for the test.
    I have looked at numerous tests and questions, I have been reading material on UBER for weeks and consider myself an expert user of Microsoft Excel. And I still believe it will be a hard test to ace, if I ever decide to take it.
    All of us that worked for this training system, put a lot of effort in it, and are really proud for the outcome.

    During my research for UBER I have found numerous pages and posts on the test and from people looking on some help and advice on it.
    The company I work for, decided to offer this training system, COMPETELY FREE, at least for now.
    I never post anything that I consider to be spam or advertisement. I don’t believe this is either, since the product is offered for free from TEST4U and I only post it in places who have shown interest on the UBER Analytics Test.

    Thus, I pridefully present to you:
    TEST4U UBER Analytics Test v.3.1 & v.6.16

    It offers:
    • Variety in exercises for UBER Analytics Test with incorporated Video-lessons
    • Unlimited Tests with immediate evaluation of answers
    • A presentation explaining the interview process
    • A presentation with a glossary for all UBER services and Vocabulary
    • A Presentation with 20 sample Essay Questions.

    I hope it will prove helpful to anyone who will decide to join UBER's family.
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