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Quit Uber and start your own venture

Discussion in 'For Sale / Wanted / Trades / Promotions / Deals' started by vladkar, May 23, 2017.

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  1. vladkar

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    May 23, 2017
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    A taxi reservation software for sale. It is not like Uber, it does not work as on-demand, it is simply a reservation where customers place orders in advance. Advantages of such system is that you always know what trip you're taking and how much you get for it (it has Paypal payments implemented so customers can pay at the time of placing order online/or charge them cash if you prefer). You can still work with Uber as driver but have this venture running as a back up (or vice versa). You'll only need to advertise. It's logical that customers won't book 5 min trip with you, they'd get Uber 'cause they usually need it right now. But for longer trips early reservation is better. Especially when you serve airports and inter-cities. And you don't have to give away 25% to Uber. For customers it is also works well as they always know what they pay for and they can choose a car they want (as long as you have a variety to offer).
    Plus you can keep prices a little lower than Uber to be more attractive to customers and still make more (as a driver) than if it was with Uber (it is possible to play it within those 25%). For example, customer pays $100, Uber takes $25, driver keeps $75. For the same trip, when you hire drivers and operate a dispatch, you can charge modest 10%, and it's like this - customer pays $90, you get $9, driver gets $81 (and if you run it as your own, you keep it all, I now use this software for myself and when I charge EUR 80 for Nice Airport - Monaco, it all goes to my pocket). Or you can adjust prices to Uber's and it's like $100>$10>$90 with hired drivers. But even if you keep them lower, it still works in the long run.
    Learn more at http://et.gg/taxi or visit the front end (customer's side) directly at http://cabby.fr
    Should you have any questions, I'm always available through email or my fb page
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