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How To Build A Taxi App Like Grab? (Complete Guide For Entrepreneurs)

Discussion in 'GrabTaxi Forum' started by jennifer atkinson, Jun 5, 2019.

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  1. jennifer atkinson

    jennifer atkinson
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    Mar 12, 2019
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    Grab is a Singapore-based ride-sharing app; it is an inspiration for entrepreneurs who are planning to start a taxi app business in a particular region. Though it operates at a specific place, the revenue it creates is tremendous. Recently, Crunchbase revealed a report on Grab raising funds from a Series H round to double down on the motorbike on-demand service sector.

    Adopting the Grab model can be beneficial since it possesses features that no other app has included yet. For those who haven’t come across the newly integrated features, the below explained will provide the essential. You can glance over it and can plan accordingly during the development,

    • Better 365 – A new driver’s experience feature

    • Pricing

    • In-app earning trackers and training videos

    • An advanced taxi booking system
    Main Features Of Taxi App

    • Registration/ Login

    • Booking option

    • GPS tracking

    • Fare estimation

    • Payment option

    • Push notification

    • Feedback/review

    • Booking history

    • Admin Panel
    To start a business like Grab, choosing a clone app can be beneficiary. To know more about the Grab clone app development and its functionalities, reach us today.

    This is just a summary, Learn the complete insights for building taxi app like Grab here.
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