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Any experiences using Uber in Bangalore?

Discussion in 'Bangalore' started by Dreamer, Sep 29, 2015.

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  1. Dreamer

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    Staff Member

    Jan 19, 2015
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    Does anyone have any experiences using Uber in Bangalore?
  2. Charoo Bhati

    Charoo Bhati
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    New Member

    Dec 8, 2016
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    All bad experiences with customer care, feels like talking to machines & robots, have written the following mail to various Customer care rep, got all scripted replies:

    - I am pregnant & highly dependent on Uber Cabs for daily commute.
    - I am locked out of my Uber account & unable to log back in, have been following up Uber-Help on mails, they mark the issue 'Resolved' without a confirmation with me if it’s really resolved.
    - My account is with no.- +91 9970014596. Had never registered an email id in my profile/account as the Mobile Uber app allowed me to sign in/access without it.
    - Yesterday morning my Uber app was coming blank, so signed out to see if login again refreshes the app. However, I got locked out & have been unable to reset password. Customer Care rep sent me a link & even I generated a link however i never received those links on email, that's when realized that no email id was associated ever to my 9970014596 account.
    - Please help me on this as priority, I have appreciated Uber driver’s services, however Uber customer care has been highly unsatisfactory, there is no no. to call upon & reps mark the issue resolved without a confirmation if its resolved & don't reply follow-up.
    - Here is the solution I see to the issue: Please update this email id (charoo.bhati@gmail.com) for my account '9970014596' or else delete my account so that I can create new one.
    - If you want some kind of verification, I can provide that, I take Uber cab every day morning from Begur road to Electronics City Infosys JP IT Park and in evening back to Begur road, I pay my trips by Paytm, the last few transactions are as follows:
    1) 6th Dec 06:26 PM - Rs. 60.53
    2) 6th Dec 08:42 AM- Rs. 73.83
    3) 5th Dec 06:19 PM- Rs. 61.18
    4) 5th Dec 09:00 AM- Rs. 108.33

    I have received 3 scripted replies from customer care reps, saying they can’t look into this issue, do i need to file a serious consumer complaint for this neglect??
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